ADDform  can colour parts when our client has the need. We can dye, wet paint and apply advanced protective coatings.



In addition, not unlike other processes, MJF parts can be subject to any number of finishes., these systems are currently designed for smaller batches. When coloring parts, dying can be performed, either manually in pots of hot water or using automated dying equipment.

Dyeing is the most common secondary post-processing technique of MJF users and may be best for parts that are visible or subject to wear, as the color penetrates the surface of the part. Dying white parts, rather than grey, offers a greater range of dying options. Manual dying, which usually involves leaving the part in an 80-100°C dye bath for about eight minutes, is comparatively inexpensive. Automated dying machines, however, may be more efficient, as they use specific programs for mixing the dye bath, as well as conditioning, dyeing, part rinsing, dye disposal, and cleaning.


Wet Painting:

Painting is an option for coating Multi Jet Fusion parts. Performing surface smoothing first will help achieve the best results with the least additional effort. Wet paints have excellent corrosion protection properties, good weather durability and mechanical and chemical resistances. 

Wet painting is a good way to treat the surface of a piece that cannot be treated by other types of paint due to its material or components. For example, the heat resistance or size and weight class of a piece may prevent the application of a powder coating. Wet painting can also be chosen due to special properties required by the selected colour or special paint properties.

Advanced Protective Coatings:

ADDform can support their clients by applying Advanced protective coatings. Advanced protective coatings provide tailored functionalities not found in traditional paints, coatings, or surface treatments i.e.







Fog resistance

Self-cleaning (or easy-to-clean)

Scratch resistance



Coatings are easy to use and can increase productivity and efficiency by reducing maintenance and extending the service life of your parts.