ADDform, a leading supplier throughout the Baltic States in the production of 3D printed components, has now the capability to deep dye color (DDC)  and offers multiple new color options through a significant investment in a new DyeMansion DM60. The capability expansion is the continuous effort to increase the range of services and materials for our clients.

The DyeMansion DM60 is the world’s premier coloring system for 3d printed SLS and HP Multi Jet Fusion parts. It is an automatic, fast  system that produces consistent color across large batches of additive manufactured components. 

The DyeMansion DM60 coloring system uses innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology to dye plastic 3D printed parts

 The DDC system benefits are as follows

  1. Limitless color choices from standardized database to tailor-made recipes
  2. Exact color formulas for reproducible and traceable process
  3. ISO certified colors for end-use applications
  4. Fully automated cleaning program allows for fast color change
  5. Dye penetration to approx. 0.2mm Depth

DyeMansion’s innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology offers unlimited color choices

As an ADDform client, you benefit from the largest color database within 3D printing globally. In addition to over 170 RAL and standardized colors, which are ready-to-use without additional development costs and waiting times, color matching also offers the possibility of creating individual tones for you – from corporate colors to seasonal trend colors and individual skin tones.
The fully automatic cleaning program of the DM60 allows for flexible utilization and a fast color change.
For end-use applications across all industries
The demands for 3D-printed products are constantly increasing. Our ISO-certified colors make us a trusted technology partner for biocompatible eyewear or medical orthoses as well as for light- and heat-resistant automotive interiors. With our extended ColorsX line, we are responding to industry specific requirements and are always looking forward to new input for the further development of our DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology.
The world’s first industrial coloring system for AM plastics

As plug & play system the DM60 coloring system is very user-friendly and provides reproducible coloring results. All color pigments and additives are inside the color cartrigdes. These cartidges are available in four different sizes (S, M, L, XL) and can be chosen according to the volume of printed parts. The process cycle is very easy. First, the cartridge is scanned by an integrated RFID reader. After that, the cartridge is insert into the basket together with the parts.
Submerged in a water bath, our dyes penetrate the plastic through a chemical reaction under pressure and heat. The penetration depth is typically 0.2 mm and can even be increased using the intensive color solution. No material is added and every surface is
reached in the water bath.

Cycle time (per run) : 1,5 h
Capacity (per run): Mid sized build job HP4200
Color options : Unlimited
Working temperature :115°C (239°F)
Penetration depth of the dye : 0,2 mm – 0,5 mm
Integrated cleaning program : Fully automated
Maximum part size (w x h in mm) : 390 x 360
Heating power : 6 kW
Required power : 400V 16

Please click on the icon above to open the DyeMansion DM60 DeepDye Coloring System comprehensive Technical data sheet.

Safety Data sheet according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 issued on request.