HP 3D High Reusability PA12 Properties

HP 3D High Reusability Polyamide 12 (HP PA 12) is a specific form of PA 12 designed for HP MJF. In its raw form it is a granular powder that can print parts with high resolution and fine features. 

ADDform offers this very versatile material as it allows design engineers the freedom to push boundaries and plan to print complex and intricate geometries. The material used is ideal for printing assemblies in single or continuous pieces/ batches.

All the material and agents are batch traced for identification and control so our production process can meet the most demanding requirements 

The list below identifies the key characteristics of HP 3D High Reusability Polyamide 12

  • Chemically resistant to elements such as oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids, grease, salt\, solvents, and water
  •  Dampens noise and vibrations
  •  Excellent heat resistance
  •  Highly processable
  •  High abrasion resistance
  •  More than one manufacturer
  •  Tends to be used for full functioning plastic parts (like gears), which are often used to be an alternative to common injection molding plastics 
  •  HP® PA 12’s toughness makes it a great option for parts that require flexible materials that won’t break or crack from repeated use

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