Welcome to the Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion 4200. 

Why Choose HP Multi Jet Fusion?
Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is an exciting 3D printing process offering engineering grade material options with great overall properties. MJF  allows you to produce more parts per day with continuous printing and fast cooling. Multi Jet Fusion offers an improved surface finish, more accurate features, improved mechanical properties and rapid build times. 

Applications and Markets

End-use Parts                                                                         Jigs & Fixtures/ Bridge Tooling                                           Snap fit closures
Layup molds                                                                           Investment & Sand Casting patterns                                Parts subject to Vibration  
Masking tools                                                                         Direct Digital Manufacturing                                              Threaded Inserts
Custom 5S Organizational Tools                                       Drill guides
Robot Grippers                                                                      Alignment & Assembly tools
Inspection gauges                                                               CMM holding fixtures
Machining/production nests/pallets                               Snap-fit closures


Industries – Automotive. Aviation, Electronics, Metal, Wood and Furniture, Agri Vehicle, Oil and Gas, Marine

Prototyping                                                                            Medical/ Vision and Dental
Sports and Leisure                                                               Service and Spares
Inspection                                                                              Art and Design

Hewlett Packard Multi Jet Fusion 4200 Features

Technology: HP Multi Jet Fusion technology
Build volume: 380mm x 284mm x 380 mm
Layer thickness: 0.07 to 0.1 mm
Materials: HP 3D High Reusability PA 12 (Nylon)

Discover more information with the short video below