Multi Jet Fusion is a 3d printing solution invented and developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP has managed to create functional details through the 3d Printing technology with a multi-agent print job. During the production process, a fusion agent is added to a layer of material where the particles are intended to fuse together. This is followed by a detail agent which is applied to create precise details and smooth surfaces. Finally, the layer of powder and agent is exposed to an energy source to fuse the particles to create the finished part. The machine monitors the temperatures with hundreds of thermal sensors across the print bed to ensure correct heating requirements on the print cycle.

The print is removed and carefully extracted frompowder with brushes vacuum. Multijet printing technology is 10 times faster than other 3d Printing technologies such as Fused Deposition Methoid (FDM) or Selective laser sintering (SLS), so it’s the perfect choice for prototyping but especially for small-medium production batches. One of the main advantages of Multi Jet Fusion technology is the high customization possibilities and rapid production times.